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The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge makes it easy and fun to take sustainable actions by giving you helpful tips and resources for those actions. The Challenge tracks your savings (both in dollars and emissions) and provides you with opportunities to engage with your neighbors and learn more about our community.

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Contra Costa Climate Action Plan Meetings Coming Soon!

Join the Conversation!

Be part of the conversation about the future of Contra Costa County! The County is updating its Climate Action Plan, which outlines actions the County will take to address our changing climate. We’d like your input on goals and strategies to reduce pollution emissions and be more resilient. We’re holding three community meetings, each in a different region of the county. Thanks to partners Crockett Community Services District, Sustainable Rossmoor and the City of Antioch.

 We Want to Hear From You!

West County
 Location: Crockett Community Center

850 Pomona Street, Crockett, CA 94525
Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM

Central County
 Location: Creekside Complex, Fairway Room

1010 Stanley Dollar Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94595
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM

East County
 Location: Prewett Family Park, Multi-Purpose Room

4701 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531
Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM

For questions or to learn more about the Climate Action Plan Update, please visit, call (925) 674-7871, or
We hope to see you there!

2019 Kayak Cleanup Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s kayak cleanup on San Pablo Dam reservoir! It was a gorgeous day filled with fantastic bird and otter sightings, in addition to picking up lots of litter. Some interesting items were an entire Republic Services green can, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, and two tires. In all, we were able to divert about 10 large garbage bags from our waterways.

Check out this video from Margo Dean on YouTube and our photo album.

Meet our incoming Coordinator, Kim Hazard

Hello all! My name is Kim Hazard and I’m excited to be stepping into the coordinator role for C4AGES. Below is a bit about myself. I look forward to working with folks to make change in our community.

Kim Hazard went to UC Berkeley, where she completed a B.S. in Society and Environment in 2013. After graduating, she served as a Climate Corps Bay Area fellow working for Alameda County as their Greening Preschools Coordinator, educating preschoolers and staff on recycling and waste. She helped secure grant funding to stay on with the County and grow the green childcare program to promote environmental health and sustainability.

Kim also worked with the UCSF School of Nursing, California Childcare Health Program on several projects. She is currently coordinating a 5-year study, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, quantifying levels of harmful pesticides in California childcare centers and seeing if an integrated pest management intervention can help reduce children’s exposures.

Kim moved to Richmond/El Sobrante in 2012 and got involved with the C4AGES soon after. She’s led the Drive 25 campaign, runs the group’s social media, and developed the new website.

She just finished her first year in the Environmental Health Sciences graduate program at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. She was also appointed to the County’s Sustainability Commission last year, which advises the Board of Supervisors on implementation of the County’s Climate Action Plan. 

Parting message from C4AGES Founder, Sharon Korotkin

Many thanks to our founder and fearless leader, Sharon Korotkin. After 8 years of coordinating C4AGES, she has decided to step down and focus on her business and personal endeavors. Kim Hazard is the new C4AGES Coordinator, effective June 1, 2019. Below is a message from Sharon that she wanted to share…

Parting message 25 May, 2019 from Sharon Korotkin, stepping down as coordinator for Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante (C4AGES)

Shortly after moving to El Sobrante in 2011, I founded C4AGES, an organization with an ambitiously broad scope. After eight years advocating for ES I can say, I never expected, but am proud of what unfolded. It has been a remarkable rewarding journey full of surprises. The highlight for me was meeting a small wonderfully accessible community; learning something about what makes it viable and committed to community service - to believe in itself and come alive. Early on, we got the ear of Supervisor Gioia, Public Works, stakeholder groups, and most recently appearing in May’s Marketplace Magazine, from an interview, an article was written about C4AGES and our endeavors.

There are many people to acknowledge and be grateful for who have inspired me along the way (if I fail to mention you, forgive me) and helped move our collective vision. Together we have put C4AGES on the local map! I will have numerous adventures to remember.

Immense gratitude to Mary for partnering in all the beginning years and creating our website. The first significant project undertaking, disappointedly, did not succeed in getting a rain garden incorporated into the county’s downtown Walkability Project, despite the eager and professional assistance from Josh Bradt and the SF Estuary Partnership, but which ultimately led to a corridor of Elm trees and planters, which last year Dorcas started beautifully renovating. A special appreciation goes to indomitable Maurice, who provided stunning drawings, ideas and insightfulness and carries a profound vision for El Sobrante Valley. A thank you to Jason and Ken, for the establishment of two mostly native plant sales a year to educate, increase C4AGES presence and provide some cash. I am grateful to the County Watershed Program for the several capacity building grant awards. Our combined efforts brought about several annual socials and great fundraising auctions. Speeding downtown traffic was an issue of concern and Kim spearheaded the downtown Drive 25 campaign, built a new website and handled social media. The Live Litter Free campaign produced a gorgeous photograph thanks to non-resident Eric Blum (view it on each kayak clean up flyer), shooting it was a grand time, and now a prop for an awareness program yet to be developed. It was the formation of our Upstream Action Committee chaired by Merle and Amy, that spawned our annual reservoir kayak clean up going on its 4th year in collaboration with EBMUD. Then, our highly successful demonstration parklet built with nimble and not so nimble hands got Gioia’s attention and the creation of a county wide Parklet Program. The wonderful video for the Mowery Park fundraising campaign was produced so generously by videographer Margo Dean. Most dramatically, the fearless determination of Jason, Bruce, Bob, Roxanne and myself through days of wind, cold, dark and drizzle, installed a 20’ long “Let’s Make It Happen Park Project” banner atop the downtown Mowery property porte cochere. We’ve brought a different awareness theme to each ES Stroll.

All of you at our monthly meetings as well as others who signed up and support us, believe in the value of our mission. It makes me feel privileged, honored and grateful to have been a part of this and the fact that you have embraced my vision and brought your own.

I hope the plant sales and kayak events continue and ES gets its first parklet with Gioia’s help. I hope a miracle happens and part of the Mowery property will be acquired to become the access point to the creek, for a boardwalk to be implemented and eventually a community park.

I see the most essential task for C4AGES as building on the community network to bring people together to plan for a sustainable future, to develop consensus and strengthen our voice in dealing with the county. Being the major venue for outreach, at each ES Stroll, it would be advantageous to set a goal to sign up a pre-determined number of new members to join in this odyssey.

Results from the 2018 Reservoir Kayak Clean-up!

Report on June 23, 2018 Clean-up of San Pablo Reservoir by Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante (C4AGES)

This was our third annual “Kayak Clean-up” event at the San Pablo Reservoir. 

Event Goal: Litter removal and public education Participants: 29 volunteers (adults and children)

  • Twenty-three kayakers took part in the clean-up, and one volunteer piloted a canoe which served to collect the trash removed from the water.
  • A new feature this year was use of a motorboat in addition to the kayaks, that enabled five non-kayakers (including one child) to participate by picking up trash on the opposite shore.
  • C4AGEs provided beverages for the picnic lunch that followed the clean-up work.

Event Highlights: The day was a warm one, and people enjoyed being out on the water. When volunteers entered the serene, more shaded tributary to the San Pablo Reservoir, they found it was thickly laden with algae, and inhabited by wildlife, including multiple herons and egrets. The tributary held many decomposing shrubs and trees impacted by the high water levels that heavy rains two winters ago brought to the area. Several volunteers spotted a bald eagle!

Litter Removed from the Reservoir

  • A large BRUTE trash container
  • Three post fences attached with barbed wire
  • Tennis balls, estimated at about 200 balls
  • Plastic and glass bottles, and other recyclables (large container)
  • Plastic pots (large trash bag)
  • Styrofoam (large trash bag)
  • Aerosol containers (small trash bag)
  • Miscellaneous trash (large trash bag)

Thank you to all our volunteers and to East Bay Municipal Utility District for their boat!

Motorboat provided by East Bay Municipal Utility District enabled non-kayaking volunteers to participate in clean-up (Photos: Marina Chainey)

Motorboat provided by East Bay Municipal Utility District enabled non-kayaking volunteers to participate in clean-up (Photos: Marina Chainey)

C4AGES Coordinator Sharon Korotkin & event leader Ken Chainey pose with the trash collected at Third Annual Kayak Clean-up (6/23/18)

C4AGES Coordinator Sharon Korotkin & event leader Ken Chainey pose
with the trash collected at Third Annual Kayak Clean-up (6/23/18)

Bald eagle seen during reservoir clean-up

Bald eagle seen during reservoir clean-up

2018 Spring Plant Sale

Saturday, April 7, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

4025 Archery Way, El Sobrante, CA 94803 (near Olinda & Castro Ranch Roads)

Offering a selection of:

  • Native California plants
  • Succulents
  • Drought-tolerant ornamentals
  • Unusual edibles

Most plants $5 or less!

Due to the recent fire at the El Sobrante Library (the original intended site), the sale has been moved to a private residence.